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High Five for Week Five!

September 30, 2019

Can you believe it's already week five of third grade?  Wowza! We are moving along quick!  


I hope you were able to get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather!  Green Lake did not disappoint this weekend!





A few things before we jump in to academics:


PICTURE DAY IS TOMORROW!!!  Yep, be sure the kids get a bath tonight because picture day is happening tomorrow wait OCTOBER 1st!  


Town Time is happening NEXT FRIDAY October 11th.  For more info on Town Time, click here


Here's the lowdown on this week's academics:



We are finished with Unit 1 and will be assessing Tuesday and Wednesday.  We will jump into Unit 2 on Thursday where we will learn about extended addition and subtraction facts.  Here's an example:

12-5= 7




We'll hone our skills with number stories in this unit as well. I remember being really challenged with number stories as a kid, so this is actually one of my favorites to teach!  It's all about breaking it down in to the information we know and the information we want to know.  So fun!


How to help at home:

We're doing a lot here in school, so simplicity at home is key.  Feel free to delve into our online math resource found under the student tab.  Lots of great practice can be found there.



We're finishing up our focus on visualizing and moving into  INFERRING.  During this unit, the students make inferences about characters and begin to explore narrative text structure through their discussions of setting, characters and the problems they face, and character change. They also make text-to-text connections as they compare two books by the same author about the same character. During IDR, the students make inferences about the characters in books they are reading independently, write in their reading journals, and continue to confer with the teacher about their reading. They also review self-monitoring and learn “fix-up” strategies (rereading and reading ahead) that they can use when they do not understand what they have read. Socially, they work on taking responsibility and explaining their thinking. They also learn discussion prompts to help them listen and connect their ideas with the ideas of others during class discussions.


How you can help at home:

Again, simple...just read.  Reading as a family is a fantastic way to model fluency, comprehension and above all, the love of reading.  If you personally don't love to read, no worries!  Start small with a couple of picture books to read as a family or choose some audible books to listen to as you all read along.  There are lots of ways to make it work and I am happy to offer suggestions if you need them.



We're plugging away on buffing out our piece so we can publish it by the end of this week!! We're focusing on revisions  such as using sensory images and interesting vocabulary.  The editing piece will be focused on correct capitals and punctuation,  and complete sentences.


How you can help at home:

We've got the writing bit covered here at school.  No help from home is required this week.



Inferences make an appearance here as well. Last week we made inferences about specific organisms that we investigated and whether they are likely or not likely to survive in a given environment.  This week, we'll continue to explore more about making inferences by learning about earthworms and what they need to survive.  This will lead to discussions about connecting traits to survival in an environment.  Ooo! So scientific.


How you can help at home:

Again, we've got it covered here at school, but if you're feeling frisky, you can research different plants and animals and talk about what traits they have and how they help them to survive in their environments.  


That's all for now, Folks!


Have a wonderful week and thank you for all that you do!






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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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