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Progress Reports and Materials Request

January 26, 2020



Just two pics from Ski for PE.  My hope is that we'll all be there together to get a couple of class pictures!


Anyway, here's what's happening this week:


Progress Reports:


Progress reports will be coming home on Friday.  For the first time, teachers will not be including personalized narratives in the progress reports.  This practice of the narratives started way back before we had such strong lines of easy communication such as this blog you're reading, emails, and texts.  Also, we are sending home feedback forms which include comments as well.  Oh, and we also have our biannual parent-teacher conferences!  With all of this considered, Sally Hensley has decided that we will no longer include narratives with the semester one progress report.


The scores that you will see do reflect what we discussed at conferences and what you've seen on our feedback forms for reading, writing and math.  I'll never wait for a progress report or a parent-teacher conference to share any big news.


I will include a comment card in the progress report for any questions, concerns or compliments!  And as always, you can email me or set up a time to connect the old fashioned face-to-face way!  This goes for anytime, not just progress report time.


Okay, next topic...Materials Request!


On Fridays, we typically have a half hour of free choice.  This time may seem like all fun and games, and it is, but it's also about connecting with classmates and building a community of learners.


While we've enjoyed this time of playing Connect 4, dominos, free drawing, and all the other goodness that has occurred, it's time to switch it up.


Enter...well, I don't know what snappy name to call it yet, but we need some materials to make it happen!


I've been doing some research online on some creative things we can do with this 30 minutes and I found some pretty cool design/engineering activities.  


So, the idea is to have a ton of different materials, sparking some interest with some pictures like the ones below, and letting students come up with a plan to create something!  I see this as a way to

  • Boosts confidence.

  • Reduces academic anxiety.

  • Increases teamwork skills.

  • Increases motivation to learn new skills.

Sounds great, huh?


Oh, here's the idea-sparking-pictures:






















So, here's where you come in:  


We would love to repurpose your useful recyclables or even those blasted number 5 plastics!  We could really benefit from having materials like:


-toilet paper or paper towel rolls

-plastic cups (think snack pack containers or those little fruit cups)

-old thread spools


-soup cans with the lids all the way removed (It goes without saying, that all of these items should be cleaned, right? Good. We're on the same page.)


Basically anything that you think we could use to make these kinds of games or simple machines.


Museum Trip:  We are heading the Crested Butte Heritage Museum on Wednesday at noon and would love for any parents who would like to join to join us!  Let me know if you're interested.


And real quick:


Reading:  Our book club groups are back on!  After our midyear assessments, some of the groups have changed, but we will continue on with our original groups next week and switch the following week.  If your little reader is changing groups, we will be sure to let you know before next week!



Writing: We postponed our opinion writing and having been exploring the 6 Traits of Writing.  The 6 Traits of Writing are Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency and Conventions. To organically connect our Slovenia study to Crested Butte, we will be transitioning into our biography study.  


Math:  We will be completing our Unit 4 assessment this week and will be delving into Unit 5 Fractions and Multiplication.  You may have heard the sweet rhythms of your child "Rolling Threes"  this past week!  We'll be learning our sixes this week.  This amazing strategy was the brain child of the fabulous Harriet Ball.  I saw her unique brand of teaching on the documentary Waiting for Superman years ago and have been implementing her Rolling Numbers ever since.  Some of the songs are hers and some are mine, but all of them make multiplication fun and accessible to all students!  Yay!


Here is the Parent Link for Unit 5. Click here























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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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